Monday, November 19, 2007

first topic for me

slam alikum

in my first topic i want to writ some thing belong to me some thing really i live and i see . why i writ my blog as " من ترك شيئا لله ابدل الله خيرا منه " really this so fantastic words just read it carefully what did u feel no thing :) . every body of us really have so bad habit and really want to give up . read alot how to give up of any thing just in 21 days but its not work ,and then ask what i have to do ???

just do that do it for ALLah and no thing but ALLAh really it is not work its amazing u don't just give up you gain good thing to do it . in my life really i face so big problem and wanna to give of this so bad habit then i read this words i could say that my life change with another life . just try it . and you will know when you love ALLA ,so there is no thing impossible finaly there is some words i want to add in final because it is the messk of words " من صدق الله يصدقة " from all of your body belive in your love to AllA , ALLA will be with you any where you will be.

may be ia couldn't reach my point i want carefully but i hope to under stna what i want to get from my words .